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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Silk & Linen Puzzle Ball Pincushion

Silk & Linen Puzzle Ball Pincushion

This pin cushion is completely hand-stitched by me. The fabrics used are antique textiles: a wonderful floral linen and a gorgeous ombre stripe silk. I purchased these from an antiques dealer years ago and have been saving them for the perfect project and this is one of them!

I have sewn a vintage green glass bead at each intersection. These were taken from an old necklace I took apart to re-purpose the glass beads and the filigree fastener.
This puzzle ball pin cushion is about 4" across.

$75 (plus shipping)

Email to ask questions or to purchase.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pumpkin Papercuttings ~ Autumn & Halloween Art!

As requested, more papercuttings have been listed! Thank you so much for a quick sell out on my Early Work Mercantile page, which was my second batch of papercuttings. Since I had only two left from my first batch, I am adding them to this list to make it easier to find them all in one place.

All are cut free-hand by me, no patterns are used... completely one-of-a-kind!
I collect a variety of papers that you will find in these papercuttings:
* parchment paper that I have stained, watercolored, and/or printed with copies of indentured servant letters from the late 1700s
* original letters from the early 1900s
* French envelopes from the early 1900s
* flyleaf pages from antique and vintage books
* vintage metallic papers that were the linings of envelopes
* cardstock (black and sepia are used for trees and birds)
* vintage doilies for spiderwebs
All are signed and dated, Lana Manis 2015, and have the titles on the back.
Sizes, including frames, are approximate and vary slightly:
Items 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 are 5" x 6".
Item 5 is 4" x 5".
Item 7 is 3 3/4" x 3 3/4".
Item 8 is 6" x 8".

Happy shopping! :)

1. It Was A Dark & Stormy Night ~ $40 SOLD, thank you!

2. The Feast ~ $40 SOLD, thank you!

3. The Gathering ~ $40

4. The Guardian ~ $40 SOLD, thank you!

5. The Watcher ~ $30 SOLD, thank you!

6. Twilight ~ $40 SOLD, thank you!

7. Dear Joseph ~ $25 SOLD, thank you!

8. Corn Shock ~ $40 SOLD, thank you!