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Friday, February 8, 2019

NEW Puzzle Purse Valentines & Block Print Cards

Puzzle Purse Valentines
(with presentation box)
plus shipping

email to order

These are inspired by love tokens originally made in the late 1700s and the early 1800s.

Messages of LOVE are written on these Valentines which are folded in a precise intricacy so that as you open it according to the numbered sections, you read a verse or a phrase, and tiny hand painted pictures are revealed. The very inner most part of these Valentines have woven paper hearts or a woven paper heart and hand. They are sometimes tricky for the recipient to re-fold, which is part of the charm of the puzzle purse.

All artwork, which is a combination of naive / schoolgirl art / fraktur influences, is done with watercolors and India ink on aged parchment paper. I have referenced American folk art books for ideas for flowers, birds, and other early American designs. I use poems of the 1700s and 1800s along with some of my own original phrases. Keep in mind these are hand done, so each one will be unique. Many steps are involved in the process of making these one of a kind tokens of love. I'm sure you and your loved one will appreciate the time and care it takes to create them.

The valentines measure 2 1/2" square closed and 7 1/2" square when fully opened.

Each valentine comes with a 3" papier mache box decorated with hearts. The boxes with shredded paper and coordinating tops are my own idea that I began using several years ago. As far as I know, the puzzle purses were not delivered in boxes.

#1 - #5 SOLD
only 1 left!

6. Valentine
"On this day
of Valentine
wilt thou vow to be
forever mine?"


Block Print Cards
4" x 5.5" ivory card with matching envelope
Set of 4
(you choose the designs, I have several available of each)
plus shipping 

email to order 

These designs are drawn, carved, and individually printed by hand... by me.

 1. Solomon's Seal
(black ink)

2. Bee Balm / Monarda
(black ink)

3. Queen Anne's Lace
(black ink)

4. Barn & Lavender
(purple ink)

5. Barn & Lavender #2
(purple ink)

6. Country Church & Lavender
(purple ink)

7. Farmhouse & Lavender
(purple ink)

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