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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Grab Box Sale

ALL large flat rate boxes are now only $20 
--- that includes the $18.75 shipping charged by USPS ---
leaving only $1.25 for my PayPal fees.

Email me with your box # and I'll send a PayPal invoice.


Hi everyone ~
Who loves a good mystery??? You do??? Well, I have over 20 mystery boxes listed!

I always get in the mood to clean out cluttered spaces when autumn approaches and this year is no different! I have been going through about 25 years worth of supplies from collecting, crafting, doll making, Santa and snowman making, hand sewing, quilt making, pincushion making, folk art creating.... you know me, I have to try a little of everything!

All of these boxes will be crammed so full I will have to hold them shut and tape them before they pop open! I am a saver and a scrapper and a hoarder... uhhh, I mean... a collector! I have fabric that ranges from small scraps to yardage. I have vintage pieces, vintage linens, stained or torn linens that a folk artist certainly wouldn't pass up! We folk artists always think of dyeing or ageing or staining a piece, anyway!

There are so many types and sizes of fabrics that I gave up on organizing them in any category. Each box contains a mix of fabrics and colors. I will try to describe a few pieces I see in each photo.

If you wish to purchase more than one box, please let me know and I will see if shipping is cheaper in one larger box via regular priority mail.

Types of NEW, VINTAGE, and RECYCLED fabrics your box may contain:
cutter quilt pieces
upholstery samples
a few linen, silk, and cotton blouses (I often recycle these for the fabrics for doll costumes, pincushions, etc.)
vintage linens (tablecloths, napkins, hankies, etc.) that may have stains or spots or damage

Sizes may run from a few inches to larger scraps and even yardage.
Collections will vary. Please refer to photos for each box.

All but one is in a LARGE, FLAT RATE BOX. Each box weighs a few pounds, so this was the easiest and in most cases, most economical.

Boxes #1 - #21 are $20 per box (this covers $18.75 USPS shipping)

Box #22 is $7 (this covers $6.45 flat rate envelope shipping)

Click each photo for a larger view.










BOX 10

BOX 11

BOX 12

BOX 13

BOX 14

BOX 15

BOX 16

BOX 17

BOX 18

BOX 19

BOX 20

BOX 21

BOX 22

 email me to ask questions or to purchase and of the items

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Early Style Wall Boxes and Shelves

Today I have four primitive, rustic wall boxes and shelves to share with you. All are handmade by me and are inspired by early wooden smalls. I did not have patterns, I just sketched a design I liked on paper, transferred to the wood and cut out... sometimes adjusting until I got the shape I liked. If you'd like to read more about the process, visit my blog.

Everything is made of pine, hand hammered (no nail gun), hand sanded (other than a small amount of power sanding in the curves), painted with chalk paint, distressed and stained (lightly), and then hand rubbed with my own beeswax paste concoction.

These are one of a kind pieces... I can make something similar, but not cookie cutter identical.
Time is limited right now, so I can only take a small amount of orders after these sell.
After all... we are expecting our first grand-baby in less than 2 weeks! :)

USPS Priority Mail shipping will be according to your zip.
If you are outside the U.S., please email me for a shipping quote.

I accept credit cards (paid through PayPal invoice sent by me) and checks.

Have fun shopping! :)

15 1/2"h x 6"w x 6"d
 email to purchase (please include your zip)

8 1/4"h x 11"w x 4 1/2"d
email to purchase (please include your zip)

Props in last candle box photo: I have 10 little dried (& dyed) gourds available. $20 for all 10.

12 1/2"h x 8"w x 5"d
SOLD ~ thank you!

15 1/2"h x 11"w x 4"d
email to purchase (please include your zip)

Thank you so much for visiting!
Take care and God bless,

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Folk Art Christmas at Honeysuckle Lane

I have a few items to offer this weekend just in time for your holiday decorating! :)
All of these items are made from laundered, recycled wool (a vintage army blanket, skirts, jackets, sweaters, etc.). Everything has been completely stitched by hand.

Please email me to ask questions or to purchase. I'll send a PayPal invoice when you are ready.

1. Penny Rug Wall Pocket
SOLD ~ thank you! 

The pocket is made from an old army blanket. It has been hand-stitched by me. I have cut and hand-stitched various wool pennies to the blanket using over-dyed Valdani cotton threads. The pocket measures about 9 1/2" tall x 7" wide and the wire hanger adds another 6"-8".

$75 plus shipping
SOLD, Thank you!
Email to purchase


2. Penny Rug Pillow
SOLD ~ thank you! 


This pillow measures about 13 1/2" x 7" from seam to seam. It has been completely hand-stitched. I have filled it with all wool scraps, so it has the feel and look of an old-fashioned pillow and has a good weight to it. After sewing it up, I cut a slit in the back, stuffed it, and then very neatly whip-stitched the opening closed.

$100 plus shipping
SOLD, Thank you!
Email to purchase


3. Penny Rug Ornaments
SOLD ~ thank you! 

These pennies will be perfect for your tree... wire, feather, or evergreen! Most are 1 1/2" but a few are 2". You will get varying colors in your order but they are all made from the same wool as the pillow and wall pocket.

40 penny rug ornaments for $75
SOLD ~ thank you!