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Monday, January 13, 2020

Workroom Clean-out = More Sale Items!

Workroom Clean-out!

I loaded photos directly from my phone, so many are in order backwards, as in the backs and details photos appear before the main photo. But all are numbered and named, so ordering shouldn’t be a problem. I have placed a 12 inch ruler in the photos for approximate size reference.

I will charge the most economical way to ship.
Please email me with your items and your mailing address, and I will send an invoice as soon as possible.
Thank you!

1. Set of 2 Antique Fashion Prints
“Les Mode Parisiennes”

2. Set of 2 Botanical Prints

3. Antique silk photo holder
Photo slides in from top.

4. Shaker Lint Brush
I bought this at the Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in KY

5. Vintage Embroidery Items

6. Lavender Necklace

7. Pinwheels and Strawberries 10 pcs

I made the pinwheels from aged paper and rusty wire. I used old fabrics and linen for the strawberries. Great little items for your dolls.

8. Paper “feather” tree and 3 paper picks

I made these from vintage crepe paper and added little faux white berries to all the tips. Perhaps your doll or Santa needs these.

9. Prim Candles
$10 for both sets

These smell so good!
Sweet Annie and cinnamon!

10. Woven Hearts on Old Book Cover

Vintage gilt frame, vintage book cover, marbled paper from an antique book

11. Heart in Hand Love Tokens
$20 for all 3

larger ones are5x7

12. Brown stocking

13. Pair of Brown Stockings

14. Homespun stocking

15. Pair of Red Check Stockings
SOLD ~ thank you! 

16. French Heart in Hand Love Token

Antique French papers, aged parchment papers, vintage frame

Wild Cherry Burl Necklaces

Order according to item number.
My husband sliced these from a cherry burl. I sanded them and finished with my beeswax paste.









Beaded Button Brooches
$10 each

Order by item number.
#25 through #38
Made from glass beads and vintage buttons or vintage glass cabochons with man and woman figures.
Finished on back with micro-suede and pin.






SOLD ~ thank you! 



These are made with vintage glass cabochons






39. Soldered wedding charms
$8 for set of 8

Made from vintage wedding bingo cards and vintage wedding shower cards.
Photos show front and back.

Soldered Charms
$5 each

Made using copies of antique and vintage photos in my collection, as well as other decorative and vintage papers.

Order by number.










Pictured below is the entire set, front and back

49. Bracelet Cuff

Made from vintage barkcloth and linen, recycled cashmere, and vintage mother of pearl button.

50. Pumpkin paper cutting 1
SOLD ~ thank you!

Artwork is about 2x3, frame has nicks which gives it an aged look

51.  Pumpkin paper cutting 2

Artwork is about 2x3, frame has nicks which gives it an aged look

52. Heart in Hand

53. Peppermint Stick Bundles
$5 for bundle of 3 sticks

7 bundles available

54. Log Cabin punch needle

55. Fraktur punch needle

56. Pincushion in Hand-painted Paper Mache’ box

57. Linen Heart 1

Made from linen, antique glass beads from a flapper dress, vintage ribbon, and vintage mother of pearl button.

58. Linen Heart 2

Made from linen, antique glass beads from a flapper dress, vintage ribbon, and vintage mother of pearl button.

59. Red Check pincushion

60. Pincushion stack 1

61. Pincushion stack 2

62. Linen and Cotton Patchwork Pincushion 1
SOLD ~ thank you! 

63. Linen and Cotton Patchwork Pincushion 2
SOLD ~ thank you!